It took staring at a leafless tree for days and struggling to still my hands from reaching for a camera to come to this; to realize how monotonous life is when we allow it. Wake up. Eat. Work. Sleep. And perhaps pull out our cameras and take a shot ever so often. It’s not difficult to see how one can remain absolutely clueless about the world and the delicate beauty it harbors.

Few days ago I conversed with a friend. We talked about the special things that make us tick—mine were books and photography—and then about joy, sadness and emotions. At the time I felt what it could be like to exist in a space without experiencing it. It’s a lot like catching a nice view and jumping in just in time to take a picture, before the moment passes. That is the power of photography: the ability to freeze time, as good as elemental power can get for us, until you take a closer look at your picture and a whole new wonder explodes—like that Dragonfly. I always thought it ordinary till I took note of the light play on its wings.

“My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.”  Psalm 139:15

I think of humans like that, artistically formed. We are the wonders of creation with our diverse characters and emotions. There are seasons to life, every emotion carefully woven in the fabric of time. Our feelings of joy and sadness are each a part of who we are, so that we are a bit more appreciative of the moments in our lives. To know that our highs and lows are not just symbols of our strengths and failures; they are also testament to the intricacy of the human soul. It’s great to know that we are alike and yet so different, and it will always be a wonder plying one road to discover the depths of a single being; to move past this monotony and experience life, not exist in it.

I learned a good photographer is one able to tell a story with a picture and infuse his essence into the frame. I’m not that kind of hobbyist yet, but I hope to get there someday. Likewise I believe this also forms the basis of our humanity: our ability to see past the visible darkness and confidently step into the lives of others. I’m not that kind of human either, but hope to find the courage someday to hear your stories.

12 thoughts on “Intricate

  1. Psalm 139!
    My favorite bible verse.
    Like you I adore photography. I discovered I could create amazing pictures last year, and it’s been a jolly ride ever. I still have a lot to learn though, but like my writing, it’s the doing that makes me better.
    Cheers to capturing more amazing visual stories.


  2. Beautiful piece as always!

    Its so easy to fall into a monotonous kind of life where we are only existing but not living. Living life encompasses more than acquiring things but Being.

    I’m just always mesmerized at your write ups, you are simple good with words. Chai!!

    PS. Pls can you send me another of your mail? Mail is not delivering to the one I have with me. Thanks


  3. What beautiful observations, uju. Unfortunately, So much of what goes on around us is unnoticed by us because of how we mundanely move though our lives at times. I’m not a photographer but I can see how taking photos allows one to slow down and see life from a different lens. To tell those stories in ways that speak to all of us. You are the kind human who has, and will continue, to recognize those human qualities. Great post.

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  4. Profound!

    The human with all the intricacies of its insides, outsides and invisibles is a wonder. I agree, empathy helps us understand each other’s invisibles better. It takes both confidence and a certain degree of selflessness. 🙂

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    1. Selflessness and confidence.. that’s right. I believe love pushes us towards empathy and helps us overcome that speaking barrier (so to say) that prevents us from being concerned enough to feel.
      Thanks ‘Nedu 🙂

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  5. Funny I’ve been reflecting on some of these very things for some time, (slowly, sl-o-w-l-ly) building my posts. On time, emotion, and the composite of being. I hadn’t even noticed the amazing light on the wing! How could my eye pass over something lovely?!


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