The Woman in the Mirror

Has anyone ever died from a broken heart? I saw a movie a long time ago where a lady died from a broken heart. I mean her heart literally broke in two. I think of it and it's funny. Lately I've been thinking about decisions - the big ones. Like where to live, who to … Continue reading The Woman in the Mirror

Operation Andrew

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina (CCC) is the oldest Anglican cathedral in the Church of Nigeria. The foundation stone of the first building was laid in 29/3/1867 and the cathedral established in 1869. While the construction of the current building began 1/11/1924 and completed in 1946. But this isn’t about the church as we … Continue reading Operation Andrew

An All Excelling Love

For by grace you have been saved through faith---Ephesians 2:8a As the day draws to an end, I am again swamped by the boundless, encompassing love the Father has shown to me, the world, in his son Jesus Christ. I have been unworthy and in Him been found worthy of death--death on the cross. I … Continue reading An All Excelling Love

Ends and Beginnings

Discombobulate. That's my word for 2014, alongside befuddled, arduous and complicated. It was the most horrible I've had in all my twenty-ish years of existence, and if the stories and conversations I have had are anything to go by, then a majority of the world population share my sentiment. I am glad to see a … Continue reading Ends and Beginnings