Hello, I’m Alive! (and ten lessons learned)

It’s 2017 and feels like I got the memo when everyone’s already having a good time. For the first time since I started this blog I didn’t write a New Year post. I’ll tell you why, alongside the beautiful things that happened in 2016. My spiritual life became richer. I’ve always been an always-have-your-feet-on-the-ground kind … Continue reading Hello, I’m Alive! (and ten lessons learned)

731 Days of Writing and Community

I began this blog two years ago in a hotel room far from home, filled with questions of my worth. It wasn’t a very happy day, but then, my life was not particularly cheerful to begin with. There were times when I cried so much I wondered if the flow would ever stop, and there … Continue reading 731 Days of Writing and Community

Reconstructing Yesterday

It's another season of resolutions. I love resolutions; I love that January  can be a marker, a month we set aside to take stock of our yesterdays and make better plans for our tomorrows. A year ago I decided to take time to know my God better. It could have won the award for the … Continue reading Reconstructing Yesterday

Christmas Blues

  I woke up today, walked outside and sniffed the air. It was there: Christmas. I could smell it in the cold, dry wind that signaled the beginning of the harmattan. It was there in the dust that twirled in the air; in this incredible heat from an angry sun, ever less often punctuated by rain. … Continue reading Christmas Blues

Alive, Barely Breathing

27 The days past since my last post on a pet friend turned food. The stats tell me you've visited weekly, especially Sundays and Fridays. Everyday my Reader and mailbox flood with new posts from other blogs and websites I follow-- I wonder how they write, where their inspiration and drive comes from. One word comes back each … Continue reading Alive, Barely Breathing

Family Ties and the Feeling of Inadequacy

Meet S. Fashionista, celebrity fan, movie maniac, business mogul, accountant, dancer, singer, selfie icon, pout queen, sulker, Gazelle. She owns more shoes and clothes than anyone I’ve ever known and packs a mean gaze for someone petite. Sometimes I’m jealous she has such a lively résumé, other times I really don’t care that she has … Continue reading Family Ties and the Feeling of Inadequacy

On Blogging: A Journey in Twelve Months

1. There's something about February that makes people want to start a new life on a blog. I don't know what it is, but everytime I visit a site, I dig into the archives to uproot the first post. February! 2. Many of us have no idea why we start blogging. It must have something … Continue reading On Blogging: A Journey in Twelve Months

A Sprinting Love Affair

  I hate to sweat But baby we did good together I was marred by uncertainty Unsure if I could go the distance But you were there Sturdy. Steady. A reliable cushion. Better yet because we fit so well So I flew to that place where the world fell away  And dreams lived As my … Continue reading A Sprinting Love Affair

Socialization, Complications and the Human Mind

You've got to love the human mind. Aside finding logical solutions to complex problems, it's also adept at formulating theories and stories to make the heart and conscience feel better. We do enough job complicating our lives for ourselves; add another human to the mix and the internal mechanisms of our minds begin to find … Continue reading Socialization, Complications and the Human Mind

Ebolaphobia And My Resident Rats

My housemates are dying. It's no news that most people have pests pets. Some have Dogs; most have Cats; others even have Dragons. But me, I have Rats!--involuntarily. My traps have been lying unproductive for weeks, it was beginning to seem like the guests for which they were intended had developed a higher level of … Continue reading Ebolaphobia And My Resident Rats

Counting Blessings

The past months have been an emotional roller coaster for me; from momentary happiness to an instant bubble burst, I can’t say I have been the happiest woman on God’s green Earth.In a bid to bring back some color to my life, I stumbled upon more books in a month than I have in a … Continue reading Counting Blessings

Journey to self

"Self-acceptance and self-knowing are deeply interconnected. To truly know something about yourself, you must accept it. Even things about yourself that you most deeply want to change must first be accepted – even embraced. Self-transformation is always preceded by self-acceptance." – David G. Benner (The Gift of Being Yourself) When P asked that I told … Continue reading Journey to self

Free Fall

This is the first time I'm doing this--writing without thinking. Sometimes I have thoughts and words buzzing in my head, that i can't seem to communicate. Feels like some disability of sort, epilepsy of the mind perhaps? Which someone was kind enough to term 'writers block'. And other times when I manage to get something … Continue reading Free Fall

Introspection: Necessity or Passion?

I pushed my phone off the bed as my ever trusty alarm went off by 5am. ‘It can’t be morning already’, I groaned in protest as I placed a pillow over my head and instantly went back to sleep again. ‘Uju’, dad called out, ‘aren’t you going to work today?!’ ‘I am’ I responded part … Continue reading Introspection: Necessity or Passion?

Introspection: Blurred Lines

Dear God, I should start by saying thank you, shouldn't I? For the things done of which I know of, and those I'm totally clueless about. So, thank you. I am addressing this to you because there really isn't anyone else I can tell this who will make a remarkable difference. See, you gave me … Continue reading Introspection: Blurred Lines