Have I Been Living A Lie?

This might sound weird considering the obvious, but I just discovered I’m a girl. Not just any girl, a girly- girl and that’s shocking.

It all began the day I noticed my brother’s toothbrush looked like it had been crushed by a truck, and offered him a spare. In disgust he said, “eww how do you expect me to use a pink toothbrush?” Continue reading

The 21st Century Boogeyman


As a child, I used to spend hours daydreaming about tomorrow. Between playing ‘house’ with my kid sis and our teddys-Pingu and Moe-i had a near perfect idea what life would look like as a mother.
Like a typical African woman, I was going to be a Banker, have 4  kids–like my siblings and I. I’d shuffle between being a working class mother, and taking care of my family. Saturdays would be spent going to the market and cooking. Sundays we would go have fun at the beach; the kids building sand castles, hubby drinking a beer, and me relaxing with a Nora Robert tale of magic and romance. Everything would be perfect.

But no one ever really tells you what the real world has in stock for you, do they? The movies and books don’t prepare your childish fantasy filled mind for nearly half as much as growing up will bring your way. Your parents totally shield you from it all. Then you grow up to realise there is a lot more to everything you had ever dreamed of in the past.  You learn that with happiness comes sacrifices–some greater than others. Continue reading