What Came Before?

The culture of a people is a practical demonstration of their identity. A loss of their cultural history often results in the kind of vulnerability that we witness in Africa today: a vulnerability that shows itself in our embarrassing efforts to acquire and display all things foreign...

Don’t Buy Her A Gift…

According to the movies and stories passed down over the decades, courtship in Africa, specifically Nigeria was rather a funny and awkward exercise; one that still influences how relationships pan out in present day society. In those days when a man became of age and his elders deemed it time for him to get married, … Continue reading Don’t Buy Her A Gift…

A Long Way Home

I watch the bus make its last turn and come to a halt. The ride may have been a long uncomfortable one, but the early flutters of hope has my heart thumping in anticipation. The streets are full of people—old and young alike; some heaving bags out of boots, welcoming their loved ones with warm hugs; others chatting … Continue reading A Long Way Home

Dear Authors, Why Are Academic Texts So Boring?

I’m a reader, have been for as long as I can remember. One day I opened my really beautiful eyes (oh please check my picture) to behold a new world. It wasn’t one of amniotic fluid and echoes from mama’s vocal cords. I saw a brighter world. A noisier world without the natural filters I … Continue reading Dear Authors, Why Are Academic Texts So Boring?

Religion, Faith, And The Ministry Of Fear

How strange is it that those who should have the greatest weapon of war, turn out to be the most fearful? Few weeks ago on my way to work, I mounted a bike that left my trouser legs begging for a wash. On alighting I asked the driver for permission to use his rag to … Continue reading Religion, Faith, And The Ministry Of Fear

So Women Like Money……

Over the years I’ve listened to Nigerian men whine about how impossible it is to get a woman who will walk into a relationship with them when they are still struggling with their finances. I have heard so many others term this ‘gold-digging’ and more so that women are not loyal (thank you Chris Brown). … Continue reading So Women Like Money……

The Queerness That Is Africa

  I am African, but more brown than black--the kind my people like to call 'chocolate', even though those are traditionally of a darker shade. Perhaps we are colour blind, or maybe the word 'chocolate' just sounds very cool. With brown hair, flared nose, and small full lips. My brows are bushy and hair kinky; … Continue reading The Queerness That Is Africa


When you made your first million, the world rejoiced with you. You were in you mid-twenties and that was a huge achievement. Your mother was ecstatic,  now she could tie all the expensive wrappers to the next August meeting and climb the social ladder. You were not bothered, the woman had done so much for … Continue reading Raluchukwu

Excuse me, I am African

“What’s your name?” Uju “Your English name?" Still Uju “Why don’t you give yourself one?” I like this just fine “You can be Anita, Isabella, or Melissa” No, thanks “Why?” Because it isn’t Nigerian “Is that your natural hair?” Yes “Why didn’t you braid it, or use extensions?” I am not bothered by my looks, … Continue reading Excuse me, I am African