Operation Andrew

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina (CCC) is the oldest Anglican cathedral in the Church of Nigeria. The foundation stone of the first building was laid in 29/3/1867 and the cathedral established in 1869. While the construction of the current building began 1/11/1924 and completed in 1946. But this isn’t about the church as we … Continue reading Operation Andrew

Don’t Buy Her A Gift…

According to the movies and stories passed down over the decades, courtship in Africa, specifically Nigeria was rather a funny and awkward exercise; one that still influences how relationships pan out in present day society. In those days when a man became of age and his elders deemed it time for him to get married, … Continue reading Don’t Buy Her A Gift…

A Long Way Home

I watch the bus make its last turn and come to a halt. The ride may have been a long uncomfortable one, but the early flutters of hope has my heart thumping in anticipation. The streets are full of people—old and young alike; some heaving bags out of boots, welcoming their loved ones with warm hugs; others chatting … Continue reading A Long Way Home

A Threefold Lesson  

"Some of our biggest lessons come in beautifully wrapped little packages of experience." Those actions we perceive as insignificant often come power-packed with lessons we can apply everyday to ensure we have a richer more beautiful and beneficial life.

An All Excelling Love

For by grace you have been saved through faith---Ephesians 2:8a As the day draws to an end, I am again swamped by the boundless, encompassing love the Father has shown to me, the world, in his son Jesus Christ. I have been unworthy and in Him been found worthy of death--death on the cross. I … Continue reading An All Excelling Love

A Sprinting Love Affair

  I hate to sweat But baby we did good together I was marred by uncertainty Unsure if I could go the distance But you were there Sturdy. Steady. A reliable cushion. Better yet because we fit so well So I flew to that place where the world fell away  And dreams lived As my … Continue reading A Sprinting Love Affair

A Good Day For Change

My cousin Megan was the most annoying being my eleven years old self had encountered. At six she was a scrawny looking firecracker; at ten a full blown typhoon. Having spent a considerable part of my teenage years in a boarding school far from home, I had to make do with spending short holidays with my … Continue reading A Good Day For Change

Life Like A Movie

You know how psychology tries to explain how the male-female mind works in different situations? Well I've had enough of it. They say women make room for their emotions and as such carry hand bags; and men compartmentalize, hence carry a wallet. Men are physical beings; women are emotional beings. Men like to have sex; … Continue reading Life Like A Movie

Love Is An Algebraic Expression

Guest post by Mynd Human emotions are funny. Well funny is a good way to describe it because any other thing is just inadequate. I remember a story about a man who opened a facebook account and used that account to flirt with his wife. He continued with it until his wife fell in love with … Continue reading Love Is An Algebraic Expression

Counting Blessings

The past months have been an emotional roller coaster for me; from momentary happiness to an instant bubble burst, I can’t say I have been the happiest woman on God’s green Earth.In a bid to bring back some color to my life, I stumbled upon more books in a month than I have in a … Continue reading Counting Blessings


You are nothing, you are worth nothing. Watching Tyler Perry’s Madea’s neighbor from hell resonated deep within me. How often we think people and even ourselves worthless in certain environment. How feelings like that make us feel helpless and unwanted, and how as people the desire to be needed by someone somewhere is inherent, but … Continue reading Footprints

Journey to self

"Self-acceptance and self-knowing are deeply interconnected. To truly know something about yourself, you must accept it. Even things about yourself that you most deeply want to change must first be accepted – even embraced. Self-transformation is always preceded by self-acceptance." – David G. Benner (The Gift of Being Yourself) When P asked that I told … Continue reading Journey to self

Unrepentantly Human

There comes a time in our lives when we realise we owe some people an unreserved apology; I have reached that point. An apology not for a conventional wrong doing, but for it's less thought-of, unconventional twin. I have expected so much from certain people, idolised--hero worship if you like--and placed them on the pedestal … Continue reading Unrepentantly Human

Love is hardwork

That one moment in your life when you realise you've just met that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The rush of emotions; the initial confusion, trying to come to terms with the sudden realisation or make it go away. That feeling of breathlessness when the object is near. … Continue reading Love is hardwork