Family Ties and the Feeling of Inadequacy

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Unrepentantly Human

There comes a time in our lives when we realise we owe some people an unreserved apology; I have reached that point. An apology not for a conventional wrong doing, but for it’s less thought-of, unconventional twin. I have expected so much from certain people, idolised–hero worship if you like–and placed them on the pedestal of perfection. I have thought them more than they truly are. I have stood in awe of them, showered them with lovve and affection due to gods. I have loved selfishly.

Our lives are so intertwined that we do not always know where one ends and the other begins. We feel a sense of responsibility for one another.  As parents, we feel responsible for our children. As older sibling, for our younger ones. As the head of states, for the citizens. As citizens, for our neighbours. As celebtities, for our fans. Teachers, for our students. Pastors, priests, for the church.
However, we do not always realise if we are at the receiving end, how difficult it is to be the giver. We feel disappointed, betrayed, lose interest and become judgemental when we receive anything less than perfect behaviour from others.

But at our very core, we are all the same. We all have good days and bad days. Dreams, fear, hopes. Joy and tears; strengths and weaknesses. We bleed when we fall. Break when bent. Snap when stretched beyong limit. Prone to make mistakes.  We are imperfect.

People are only as extraordinary as they can successfully mask their ordinary selves.

So I have been tried and found guilty of being unthoughtful about your needs. Hence forth,  you are allowed to take a break off that pedestal. Take a walk. Breathe in the air. Smell the flowers. Soak in the sun. Indulge.  Be inappropriate. Live. Most importantly,  step back up at your own convenience.

I may never be for you what you represent to me, but I can promise to be understanding when you slip; to give you a second and third chance, because in the end, we have been made to complement one another but at our very core, we will always remain one thing: human, and will everybody else.